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TexPrompt is excited to bring you our latest development in remote teleprompting: 

We now have available for your next virtual event a smooth-scrolling, zero-latency* stream of our teleprompter.  Our easy-access connection can be provided directly to all who need it, and may be incorporated into a control center mix for inclusion in a multi-view or other composited feed. 

prompterLINKtm is platform agnostic, and can be received on any browser-enabled device.**

Schedule your prompterLINKtm demo today for complete details!


The original prompterLINKtm feed is showing in the computer on the left.  The return, or what the presenter sees, is in the iPad and the computer on the right.

The prompterLINKtm window size can be adjusted to the presenter's preference.

Please note:

*Latency may be significantly impacted by quality of internet connection.  Hard-wiring into the local router is recommended.

**prompterLINKtm works best using the Chrome browser, as it offers the most versatile display options.

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